Bringing new life to the past & building homes for the future

Czero Developments

Czero is a property developer specialising in two areas – conversion of historic buildings into residential accommodation, and self and custom build homes.  Both these areas of activity are founded in our core interest in sustainable building, and in creating finished buildings that we can be proud of.

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Historic Building Conversions

Bringing new life to historic buildings. Conversion, renovation and redevelopment of difficult historic buildings is one of our specialties.

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Custom Build Homes

Czero Developments with our partners at Steenvlinder are national experts at delivering custom build homes on a small and large scale.

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The aim of Czero Developments and Steenvlinder is to make communities of custom build homes in the UK a far more common site. We are always on the look out for new land opportunities.

Emporium Bartholomew Row Birmingham

What we Do

Reuse of existing buildings is inherently sustainable,

and improving their energy performance is a challenge well worth addressing. Historic buildings can be full of character, creating interesting and valued spaces. Sustainability is also a key factor for people who want to build their own homes – there are often forever homes and people are willing to invest more in energy efficiency than the housebuilders will provide.

Linking our two areas of interest and expertise is our relationship with Steenvlinder – a leading Dutch self and custom build develop that looks to convert existing buildings alongside provide shell homes and serviced plots.

Czero is actively looking for sites in the UK to accelerate Steenvlinder’s growth.