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welcome to c-zero

Czero is a property developer with twin specialisations in sustainable housing and historic buildings.

Sustainable Housing

At a time when the average housebuilder is looking to do the minimum to comply with regulation over sustainability and energy efficiency, C-Zero is demonstrating that more sustainable houses can be built cost-effectively, and their owners appreciate the lower running costs that careful energy-conscious design provides.

Delivery of projects is now as a custom build enabler, bringing forward developments that enable individuals to build their own zero carbon homes.  This is done though the business Czero Home.

Historic buildings

Czero's current focus is on conversion of difficult listed building sites into student accommodation, and is currently working on two such projects.  The former Welsh Baptist Chapel in Manchester will provide around 100 rooms, whilst the Christopher Wray Lighting Factory in Birmingham will provide around 200.

In both cases these are sites which did not have developer interest because of the complexity.