St Josephs Orphange, Preston

St Joseph’s Orphanage can be found in the heart of Preston City Centre, five minutes walk from the railway station and off the main shopping street, Fishergate. Although described as an Orphanage, is actually a collection of listed buildings which grew up around the original Orphanage which was built in 1872. To that was subsequently added the St Joseph’s Institute for Sick Poor in 1877, a Chapel in 1910/11, a large hospital block down Mount Street in 1933, and finally a standalone accommodation block in 1955.

The entire complex is in near derelict state. Large parts of the buildings are too dangerous to access, as a result of vandalism, water ingress, and associated rot and deterioration. Parts of the building however remain in tact and are quite pretty, particularly the Chapel, and the 1877 entrance with clock tower and spire, which is a Preston landmark.

St Joseph’s is a fantastic but daunting regeneration opportunity. Its location is first class, in the heart of a thriving city, but its condition and complexities make it a challenge few developers would even consider. Czero can however see through this, and has a scheme that can rescue the most significant parts of these buildings with a residential scheme that will bring high quality apartments and town houses to Preston City Centre.

Inside The Orphanage

Take a photographic tour below inside St. Joseph Orphanage and associated buildings as it is today. A screenshot through time.

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