Harvest House

Czero completed this single four bedroom detached house in the Shropshire village of Wistanswick, with an ‘A’ rated Energy Performance certificate.

This was part of a research programme into whether building precisely to an Energy Performance Certificate made more sense to potential purchasers than building to the Code for Sustainable Homes, which was the accepted standard when Harvest House was built.

Although an Energy Performance Certificate has to be provided for any house sale, it is not generally used in the marketing of new homes, mainly because most housebuilders do not care about it, and don’t believe the customer does either. ┬áThere is mounting evidence however that customers do care about the running costs of their homes, and so by building Harvest House C-Zero saw how the EPC can be made relevant and a key part of the sale message. Czero agreed to pay the fuel bills of the purchaser for two years in return for data on the actual energy performance of the occupied home