Who We Are

Simon Linford and Robert Pearson founded the company based on the belief that traditional house builders will continue to fail to deliver sustainable, affordable housing. This has to be one of the most important challenges that faces us in the twenty-first century and needs smart, forward thinking.

Simon and Robert had both run the same main contractor – Linford Group. After attending the first ‘Ecobuild’ show in 2005, Simon had a vision of a truly sustainable contracting business, only delivering highly sustainable and energy efficient buildings. Meanwhile Robert’s experience in partnered social housing delivery and cost management saw him nurturing a plan to revolutionise the efficiency of housebuilding. Together, with the ideas combined, and a name which embodied Zero Carbon aspirations, C-Zero was born.

The opportunity to build the Renewable House at the BRE put C-Zero on the map, and this in turn led to the opportunity to commercialise that prototype at Long Meadow, Diss, a scheme that has pioneered forms of intermediate low cost home ownership, and responded to the challenges of delivering new homes in rural areas.

Linford Group had a significant historic building restoration business.  Czero’s heritage development business comes from Simon Linford’s passion for historic buildings, combined with an understanding of how to rescue and development founded on the experience at Linford Group.

Andrea Pearson is the third core member of the team.  Andrea has a background in design management for a main contractor, able to understand how buildings are put together, and managing what can be quite a complex process of design and integration of building components and systems.  She also has the all-important role of making sure Simon and Robert don’t do anything stupid.