Register for Custom Build and Self Build Plots

What is Custom Build?

Custom build homes are essentially self-build homes, but whereas self-build usually requires a lot of work and hard grind, custom build is much easier. Custom Build allows you to use a specialist developer to help you along the way, making the whole process of building your house less daunting and less stressful.

Our sister company Czero Home is a custom build enabler that can be appointed to guide the planning & build of your house on one of our sites of serviced plots.

The Benefits of Custom Build

There are many benefits to self-build and custom build. The most obvious one is the fact you can tailor your house to your own wishes and work it around your own budget constraints. 

Building your own house through self-build or custom build can be a benefit financial as opposed to buying a like for like new build from a developer. Typically savings of 10 to 15% can be made by buying a plot and building a house, rather than buying a similar/same type of dwelling from a developer.

The Real Importance Of Registering Interest in Building Your Own House With Local Council’s

Under the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 it is required that every council in England create and keep a register of people interested in building their own house in specific council districts.

If it is your desire to build your own house or instruct a developer to build a house on your behalf in future then it is severely important that you register on the Self-Build and Custom Build Register in the local authority that you wish to live. For more plot opportunities to pop up in your desired local council area, a council will likely need a healthy number of applicants on their self-build register to allow the allocation of more building plots in the area.

In the UK, self build and certainly custom build are pretty low down the new housing pecking order. This method of build is a hugely popular option outside of the UK, with high availability for plots abroad. Self-build and custom build housing in the UK currently only equates to around 7-10% of all new build completions. This is far below the average for Europe. In Austria it accounts for 80% of all housing completions.

In a Building Societies Assocation (BSA) survey published in October 2011, it reported that 53% of people surveyed in the UK would consider building their own home if given the opportunity. Yet registers of interest directly to local councils are relatively small in numbers. There is a distinct lack of awareness of these registers and options in the UK of custom build sites when compared with other developed nations. The UK housing market instead is dominated by a small group major house-builders.

To force the hands of councils in allocating more plots for people to build their own house it requires you. Council’s that are less proactive at promoting custom build rely almost entirely on their register, so for them to feel the need to allocate more in plots in their district it would require more people to fill in their register of interest in self-build and custom build forms.

10 Serviced Plot Development in Whittington, Lichfield

custom build self-build register lichfield whittington

A sketch of the proposed 10 plot Whittington custom build development off Common Lane

In the village of Whittington near Lichfield, we are currently proposing 10 self-build / custom build plots (which includes 4 discounted plots and 2 downsizing plots) to Lichfield District Council.

Over the past few years the council have been considering sites in the Lichfield District including this site in Whittington for development. The council are now back in a consultation for new sites in the district. We hope this 10 serviced plot scheme will be included in their allocations.

If you are interested in a plot on the Whittington development or elsewhere in Lichfield District council, please do register on Lichfield District Councils Self-build and Custom Build Register on their website. Registering on the Self-build register is free.

Let us know too if you are interested in a plot in Whittington

Alongside registering interest in custom build / self-build with Lichfield District Council, you may also want to register interest in a plot on the Whittington development with Czero using the form below. We can keep you up to date to with the development. To learn more about the Whittington development, visit our Whittington page on our sister site Czero Home.

What type of dwelling would you be interested in on the proposed Whittington scheme?

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